Welcome to JangoMail’s API version 2. A RESTful web service which allows you to programmatically control your JangoMail or JangoSMTP account. JangoMail’s REST API works over the HTTP(s) protocol using JSON structure for both incoming requests and responses.


APIv2 users can authenticate one of 2 ways:

Basic: Base64 encoded string of username:password

-H "Authorization: Basic XXXXXXXXXXXX"

Bearer Token: User created API key

-H "Authorization: XXXXXXXXXXXX”



Error Codes

All successful requests will return a status code of either 200 or 204. Successful DELETE requests will return a status code of 204. All errors will return a status code with a description. Below is a list of general error status codes.

Status Code Description Troubleshooting
400 Validation Error Verify syntax is correct and all required fields are present
401 Unauthorized Verify credentials are correct and have appropriate permissions
403 Forbidden Verify the account has appropriate permissions to use the API and specific method(s)
404 Not Found Verify the method name is correct
405 Method Not Allowed Verify the correct HTTP method is being used
415 Unsupported Media Type Verify Content-Type header is correct

* = Required parameter that cannot be null